HOPE Corps Volunteers Go Camping with Kiwanis

While the importance of financial literacy can never be overstated, Access HOPE Miami and Kiwanis Summer Camp are now exploring the fun side of financial education. HOPE Corps Volunteer Ernst Joseph left his office job as Branch Manager of OneUnited Bank for some campfires, s’mores, and 300 young campers ready to learn the basics of personal finances. 

Campers are learning important survival skills from building fires in the woods to keeping finances in check. The BOOF curriculum will help the Kiwanis campers instill a lifelong knowledge of financial literacy by covering the basics of banking, checking and savings, and investment- all grounded in the concept of dignity.

Joseph led the first BOOF class with a group of 8-9 year olds at Lummus Park in Miami. The Kiwanis staff felt the students’ unparalleled excitement and interest, which made the afternoon a true delight to share with all. Campers are looking forward to a memorable summer away from home, filled with the empowering experience of a class with BOOF volunteers.

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