DC Fellow Mingles with Maggie Williams, Right-hand Woman to President Clinton

From Field Trips to meet-ups with President Clinton, DC Fellows have proved time and again that Washingtonians know how to have fun. DC HOPE Fellow Katherine Trujillo was given a backstage pass to the VIP room of Gallup’s State Department and World Bank Event, thanks to Operation HOPE’s partnership with Gallup.

Thanks to her all-exclusive access to some of the most important figures in Washington, Katherine was able to meet and greet power players in action, like Maggie Williams, the right hand to Secretary Clinton for over decades of service to the Clinton family. Maggie Williams was the former Chief of Staff to First Lady Clinton and served as the first Chief Of Staff at The Clinton Foundation, presiding over the recommendation to bring Operation HOPE into partnership with them in 2002.

Operation HOPE’s Global Financial Dignity team (Mary Hagerty, Shannon Campbell, and Katherine) mingled with key figures like Williams, representing Operation HOPE’s mission of silver rights and global financial dignity in the place where their voices will be heard. Through participation in this fun and unique opportunity, HOPE staff are working hard to bring financial literacy work to a global level.

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