A Spoon Full of Financial Literacy Sweetens College Education for John Jay Students

Higher education now includes a healthy dose of financial literacy for 200 students at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, who over the past two weeks have been introduced to Operation HOPE BOOF College curriculum.

While many complain that schools don’t do enough to prepare students for adult life, Operation HOPE is giving students an extra boost as students are guided through the basics of banking, credit, financial goals, budgeting and much more. It seems as if these students aren’t just learning important on-the-job skills. With guidance from HOPE and its partner SEEK & CD (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge & College Discovery), students will become strengthened as they learn to live a life of financial dignity.

HOPE has partnered with the SEEK & CD program to help high potential but lower income students attend college and gain the self-knowledge and respect to use money wisely, helping students overcome adversity and succeed academically. Through this partnership, Operation HOPE’s curriculum can reach a new audience and build new communities – a sweet flavor for low income communities in need of a boost.

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