Stories of HOPE: Raul Hernandez – HOPE Hero

When clients come to Operation HOPE counselors, it is often the darkest hour in their lives. Faced with extreme hardship, they look for compassion and patience from their mentors, who are tasked with leading clients to better pastures both financially and emotionally.

Program Coordinator Raul Hernandez of the South Gate HOPE Center has been garnering attention for his great successes reducing financial hardships of HOPE clients while demonstrating remarkable optimism and support for those who need it the most. In the past week, three clients have taken special time to show appreciation for Mr. Hernandez’s work:

I contacted Operation HOPE for help on applying for the Making Home Affordable Program.  I had been turned down once for the modification, could not afford to hire an attorney to help and the collection’s department was calling daily and threatening foreclosure. I was beginning to lose hope of keeping my home and decided to call Operation Hope for help at one last desperate attempt to keep a roof over my head.  

Raul Hernandez (HOPE Counselor) was assigned to my case and he quickly began the process of applying for the Making Home Affordable Program.  Raul walked me through every step of the process and he was ALWAYS quick to get back to me on any questions I had.  

The optimism, patience, and support he demonstrated gave me peace of mind through difficult times.

It was not long that I GOT APPROVED!  There was no sending paperwork back and forth, it was very simple and clean cut.  My mortgage went down almost $700! Thank you Raul and Operation HOPE.

Shannon Hawkins

Mr. Hernandez not only assisted Ms. Hawkins with her mortgage difficulties, but helped tackle impending foreclosures and out-of-control loans:

To whom it may concern:

We want to express our thanks to Operation HOPE for assisting us during some financial difficult times.  Special thanks go to Raul Hernandez, who was assigned to our case. 

After falling into foreclosure our lender suggested taking a look at a loan modification and also supplied us with resources that could help. One of the resources was Operation Hope, whom we contacted.

The whole process was unfamiliar to us.  With Raul’s assistance we filled out all forms needed for the loan modification.  Once completed, the packet was submitted and we waited for a response during which time Raul was in constant contact with us making sure all information was provided correctly and in a timely manner.

Raul was very honest with us, always speaking to us in terms of truth and facts. Raul wanted us to be prepared with a plan B in case the results were not in our favor. In the end and by God’s Grace we have received a loan modification and are currently waiting for our copies of the final documents of the new loan.
Thanks to Operation Hope and Raul Hernandez.

Ray and Cecilia Smith

The influence of counselors like Mr. Hernandez make an impact on clients’ lives that goes beyond financial assistance – his guidance has restored faith to clients in positions of unimaginable difficulty.

Mr. Hernandez:

I would like to personally thank you and Operation Hope for assisting me and my family during a time of crisis. Without you and God working and advocating on our behalf we would have lost our home!

I am truly grateful for your hard work and dedication through this long process that allowed us to receive a final loan modification. Thank you for always trusting, and believing in me, and without judgment.

I pray I never get in that predicament again, but knowing that you were professional and always honest allowed me just to Pray Harder for God’s grace. I am glad that Operation Hope exists and is a positive influence in helping homeowners.

Truly Grateful,
Ms. Bradford

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