Stories of HOPE: Overcoming Adversity With the Help of a HOPE Counselor



This letter is to inform you of the hard work and dedication that I have received from Operation HOPE Counselor, Mr. Erik Pelayo.

I made a phone call in January of 2012 to Operation Hope and I was assigned Mr. Pelayo as my counselor for the mortgage and home modification assistance program.

Although I have not personally met Mr. Pelayo, I can verify that he is a person who loves his job and values the important role he plays in assisting people who really need him. Due to Mr. Pelayo’s strong determination and persistence, I was able to get my mortgage modified by Bank of America from $1884.00 to $1378.69. If it was not for Mr. Pelayo’s diligent efforts, it would not have been possible.

I was suffering through a series of unfortunate hardships during this time. Therefore, the entire process was rigorous. There were many times when I felt helpless and I did not want to continue, but Mr. Pelayo encouraged me to keep on submitting forms and other paperwork he requested.

He continuously motivated me. He thoroughly believes in Operation Hope and its intent to help homeowners who are truly in need during this difficult recession. I was so blessed to get Mr. Pelayo as my counselor and I wish him continued success with your organization (Operation HOPE)

Bernadine Allen

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