Stories of HOPE: New York Cyber Cafe Patrons Give HOPE Center CSA Card Of Appreciation

Patrons of the Cyber Cafe at the New York HOPE Center showed their love to Imani Bowen, HOPE Center Customer Service Administrator, on Wednesday (June 6th) by giving her a card with special messages. The card read,  “The greater the kindness the warmer the Appreciation. My world is nicer because of you — thank you so much.” The card was filled with special hand-written message to Imani…


“You’re the best Imani” 

“Keep up the good work!”

“You’re the BEST Imani” 

“Love n happyness” 

“To my adopted child, I love you, you are the sweetest person.”

“Dear Ms. Bowen, you have always been SO HELPFUL! You are very much


“Thanks for the wonderful job you do. We who come to the Hope

Center are blessed that you are here”


Keep up the excellent work Imani. You are making an impact in the lives of everyone who crosses your path at the New York HOPE Center.

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