New Orleans HOPE Center Promotes Financial Safety During National Emergency Preparedness Week

Only knowledge and preparation can help mitigate the destructive effects of a national emergency, and while its important to stock up on supplies, financial preparedness plays an equally protective role when disaster strikes. 

The HOPE Coalition America program gives families the information they need to protect finances whether the disaster be natural or manmade. Our New Orleans staff and volunteers helped local families prepare for the worst this May during National Emergency Preparedness Week, passing out materials and toolkits to promote financial readiness during a calamity. 

Volunteers met with HOPE partners at the Super Wal-Mart on Tchoupiotoulas Street in New Orleans in a tent provided by the New Orleans Sheriff’s Office.Through extensive local support from individuals and our partners, HOPE successfully passed out educational materials to over 1,100 individuals who stopped by our tent looking for emergency preparedness materials.

Thanks to the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Target, Operation HOPE was able to tangibly help people seeking protection for their finances from whatever disaster might come their way, from natural disasters to economic calamities. 

We are thankful to HOPE Corps volunteers Mercedes Marioneaux, Whitney Mims, Brittany Mims, Pamela Somerville, and William Somerville who  generously donated their time and efforts to support the HOPE team. 

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