John Hope Bryant Speaks to the Power of Entrepreneurship on The Intersection Show with Jeff Johnson

Gone are the days when young people join companies, beg for jobs & opportunities and wait to climb the ladder in the big business world. Instead, many may find that this cycle and those steps to becoming a CEO are simply unavailable. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s recently released national unemployment rate of 8.2%, this reality may remain this way for a while.

The youth may no longer be thinking about joining Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations to make it, instead they may dream about demonstrating initiative, taking daring actions, and trailblazing their very own business and future Fortune 500 companies. Call it generation entrepreneur.

Last week, former BET Host, and renown social journalist Jeffrey Johnson gathered the best and brightest entrepreneurs and mentors who are in fact fostering, creating and building powerful businesses to discuss entrepreneurship in today’s job market.

Global Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Operation HOPE, John Hope Bryant headlined a panel of guests including: Executive VP of Business Operations at Edison Electric Institute, David Owens; Founder/CEO of Perennial Group, Lamell McMorris; and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of SOLVE International, David Barnes.

Entrepreneurship embodies so many struggles, achievements and life lesson, but we learned most that it is freedom. Global freedom.

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