Introducing Katherine Karmen Trujillo, Global Initiatives Fellow at Operation HOPE

Katherine Karmen Trujillo is Operation HOPE’s Summer 2012 Global Initiatives Fellow. Trujillo is a recent University of California, Berkeley graduate whose studies focused on grassroots movements and democratization in Latin America and the Middle East.

An activist on campus, Trujillo served as Chapter Coordinator of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and spearheaded a mentoring program that targeted underserved, minority youth in Oakland, while also volunteering for the office of educational awareness to help students afford higher education.

Upon completing a summer fellowship in Denmark, Sweden and Holland, Trujillo realized her passion for international human rights work, specifically with relation to economic development as a source of political and social empowerment. She has since worked both at the domestic and international level to help marginalized communities–from volunteering at an immigrant and refugee legal clinic to participating in a public health brigade in Honduras–she strives to understand the multifaceted and interconnected nature of development on the global scale.

Currently, Trujillo also works as the Social Media and Marketing editor for a start-up fashion magazine, a position that allows her to democratize the fashion industry by using technology to reach audiences throughout the world.

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