HOPE and Catholic Charities Miami Spark New Partnership

While moving to a new country can be challenging in itself, for immigrants in the U.S., the process is confounded by a lack of access to information and public resources that are critical for a safe and rewarding experience.

For many immigrants, financial literacy is the first step out of poverty in a country where language and culture are unfamiliar, and where many immigrants face discrimination.

In our first partnership with Catholic Charities, Operation HOPE volunteers provided recent Cuban immigrants the opportunity to improve their understanding of credit and money management in the non-profit’s “Welcome to America” class in Miami Springs.

With only one-month of experience in the United States, the nine participants were enthusiastic to learn how to manage their money in a country with a vastly different financial landscape. The participants, only one-month residents since leaving Cuba, enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to better understand the tricks to successful financial management and the public resources available to help them on their journey of building wealth.

Operation HOPE was honored to receive warm accolades from the class and is excited to extend financial education services to immigrants in need of a hand. Through collaboration with our partners, we can make access to tools and knowledge more equitable for newcomers looking to adjust more comfortably within our borders.

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