Gallup Strengthfinders Meets HOPE Business-In-A-Box

When you mix Strengthsfinders and Business in a Box, there’s a dynamite level of impact that can change the world.

I had the pleasure earlier last month of sitting in a forum with some of the world’s leading game changers in entrepreneurship and education. There’s a reason why they are game changers and not just successful business men/women and educators. They get the the fact that we can’t follow the past in order to change the future. 

Measuring and following the same traditional patterns as our school districts across the nation measures and tracks will not win this fight for the future’s GDP. Neither will teaching us how to overcome our weaknesses to be confident in our abilities.The nation’s GDP affects every single one of us in the long run, from 8 to 80, blind, crippled, or crazy (as my mom would say). So why we don’t change our mechanisms to change the outcome is beyond me. But that’s where Gallup and Operation Hope step in…
I was in awe when it was Brandon Busteed’s (an employee of Gallup) turn to stand up and present a mind blowing presentation of that change in education I was referring to earlier. Gallup has put a tremendous amount of effort into incorporating the Gallup Path of education into our school systems and colleges; But this was altogether new because of the simple redoing of the terminology we have used in the past. Not to mention it was my first time seeing the Gallup Path of Education anyway.

After seeing that phenomenal “difference maker” presentation of our education system as we know it today. Then hearing the components of Business in a Box by John Hope Bryant for the second time; As well as looking at the survey questions of the Gallup-Hope Index. I realized that these to entities work hand in hand with one another like nothing I ever seen before. I don’t disagree with the fact that The Gallup Path of Education and Operation Hope’s Business in a Box can never meet in the same location and totally be successful in their endeavors separately. 

But imagine if the 2 were to meet at the same middle/high school and The Gallup Path of Education just so happened to arrive first. The Gallup Hope Index before and after results would be drastic and off the charts. Teaching me “strengths” alone gives me an unprecedented amount of confidence, in what I once thought was a short coming of mines and turned into something that I’m really good at.

This knocks “Hope” that I now have capabilities to use my strengths in order to accomplish a goal; “Engagement” to the power of telling others what my strengths are and wanting to know others; “Wellbeing” in the case of knowing what I have to do according to my strengths to be successful; Through the roof. We already know what Business in a Box can do for teenagers in economic energy and financial literacy. Now you have the ingredients to not only breed a generation of future successful entrepreneurs and bring about awareness; But very successful academic and overly confident young people, ready to be successful entrepreneurs. And that ladies and gentlemen is a dynamic we can’t ignore.

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