CGI America 2012: John Hope Bryant on Creating New Pathways to Opportunity

Our founder John Hope Bryant unveils Operation HOPE’s latest initiative, America 2020, at the Clinton Global Initiative’s America 2012 Conference, held last week in Chicago, IL.

Speaking during a panel on creating new pathways to opportunity, Bryant articulates the vision behind America 2020 and speaks to the fundamentally transformative power of financial dignity. America 2020 is a campaign for Americans, by American, to put America back on the right track. At the core of this vision is our network of Financial Dignity Centers, setup throughout the country to empower the nation’s underserved with the knowledge, tools and support they need to realize their dreams 

As an organization, we believe this nation’s poor and underprivileged can save American capitalism, but only if we collectively come together to make capitalism work for them, to invest in their future, and create new opportunities to fulfill their unmet aspirations.

America 2020 will create 700 credit score communities throughout the country, connect our nation’s youth with mentors to teach the basics of entrepreneurship and bring the American Dream back to America. 

Bryant’s portion starts 31 minutes into the panel.

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