Banking on Our Future Comes to Brooklyn

The Banking on Our Future (BOOF) curriculum makes a positive impact through partnerships. With a vast network of partners, from banks to local schools, Operation HOPE extends its financial literacy curriculum to schools globally, continuing to capture the attention of students through messages of empowerment and smart money management.

With the help of dynamic volunteers from HOPE Partner Capital One Bank, 350 students attending Brooklyn’s P.S. 276  received the HOPE BOOF curriculum and took the first step to a life of financial dignity.

Teachers reported satisfaction with both the BOOF materials and the well-received efforts of Capital One employees. School principal Ms. Fidelia stated: “I sincerely hope we can bring this great program back to our school next year.  The students really got something out of this!”

Students learned how to responsibly manage their own futures, thanks to the collaborative efforts on behalf of Operation HOPE, Capital One, and the staff of P.S. 276. Through pooled resources and energy, BOOF once again enjoyed greater success through cooperation and a shared commitment to financial literacy. 

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