A Volunteer Shares Her Thoughts on Financial Literacy in South Africa

Sanlam Volunteers Mohau Saka and Thongwane Namane Join Operation Hope to Teach Students Financial Literacy at Progress High School

Operation HOPE’s network of partnerships with organizations worldwide means more opportunities to volunteer and more support for children’s financial education all the way to South Africa. A volunteer shares her thoughts about financial literacy after teaching children through our partnership with the Sanlam Foundation, a South African organization that supports the social and eco-conscious development of local communities:

My passion for personal finance and how critically it affects people’s lives lead me to volunteer for the Sanlam Foundation CSI initiative in collaboration with Operation Hope South Africa. I was a facilitator in the “Bank on Our Future” program, where financial literacy is taught to children in underprivileged schools to help address the shortage of skilled people in the financial sector. The experience was humbling and highlighted the dire need for financial education in this country.

Perceptions based on media reporting on the sad statistics still fail to adequately communicate how bad the situation for many young people in this country is. Children cannot create a budget for the household because parents are not working and by age 17 have not even walked into a banking institution. That being, some children showed some enormous potential. These intelligent young people just needed to be showed the right direction and supported to help them rise above their circumstances to become valued and contributing members of society.

I just hope that I’ve played a small part in this greater scheme of things and will definitely do continue to lend my time, skills and energy to such a project worthy of recognition of the impact it makes.

Kind Regards,

Thongwane Namane

Broker Consultant - Sandton Broker Distribution
Sanlam Personal Finance

A warm thank you to Ms. Namane for sharing her reflections and helping to support the growth of children internationally!

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