Sanlam volunteer Reflects on His Experience Teaching BOOF in Soweto

Mohau Saka, a volunteer from Sanlam who is teaching BOOF for the second year taught his first BOOF session in 2012 at Progress High School in Soweto on the 16th of April 2012. He had the following comments regarding his teaching experience.

I must say the first lesson at the school was overwhelming, I anticipated the worst but it turned out so great. The school children were welcoming and the school teacher as well.The ice-breaker activity was good in a way that the learners were able to loosen up and not stress about whats expected from us.There was good interaction and they easily grasped the first concept of human dignity which will make other lessons to run smoothly.

The only problem was that time was against us as we spent most of the time trying to identify each leaner to find their level of understanding of things,there are some few learners who have not opened up but I think with time they will adjust. All in all the first lesson went so well and the students were so proactive and actively participating. Looking forward to the next lesson.

Congratulations Mohau and HOPE thanks you for your support and commitment to educating the youth in South Africa.

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