Introducing Alaina Reaves, Legislative Aide Fellow at Operation HOPE

Alaina Reaves is not a stranger to Operation HOPE serving as a Project Management intern for HOPE’s Atlanta office in past. Now, Alaina joins HOPE as one of our two Legislative Aide fellows in Washington DC.

Alaina is a graduate of the Andrew Young School at Georgia State University where she earned her degree in Management and Governance.  Last summer, Alaina worked in Washington DC for Voices for America’s Children, one of the largest child advocacy groups in the United States.

During this past school year, Alaina worked as a congressional intern for Congressman John Lewis. Although young, Alaina has worked for many nonprofits including the Center for Working Families, the Andrew Young Foundation, and Child Kind—a nonprofit that helps families with disabilities. Reaves is currently in Europe during the month of May taking classes to increase her Public Policy knowledge with an international perspective.

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