HOPE South Africa Trains TSiBA University Entrepreneurs as HOPE Corps Volunteers

Earlier this year, HOPE South Africa, Western Cape and partner TSiBA University held a HOPE Corps volunteer training session for 18 Entrepreneurs from the TSiBA University’s Center of Entrepreneurship. The workshop prepared the local entrepreneurs in the BOOF adult programming curriculum.

Volunteer Training was conducted on the 13 February 2012. Three TSiBA staff members and 1 Entrepreneur who attended the BOOF N A Day signed up as Hope Corps Volunteers.

Elroy Fortune, HOPE Western Cape, Program Manager, introduced Operation HOPE to the TSiBA entrepreneurs who enjoyed the programming very much.

All of participants had previously completed did the entrepreneurs’ course through TSiBA University and some of them have established businesses, while others are start-ups. The participants valued interacting with one another while doing their group activities and working in a team. The session was also tapped, thanks Trudy, for future training sessions.

TSiBA staff members, Cindy and Kate, (USA intern, working with TSiBA University) enjoyed the BOOF Training as well. After signing up as HOPE Corps Volunteers themselves, they rolled out the BOOF in 2 days programme monthly for entrepreneurs at TSiBA university.

Their programming will continue until the month of November 2012. At the end of the session, Trudy Fortune and Sonia Hagins (TSiBA staff member) handed out the certificates to the participants after a successful BOOF course. Thanks TSiBA and we look forward to many more successful BOOF and HOPE Corps Volunteer training sessions.

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