BOOF Philadelphia: Volunteering for A Purpose Driven Organization

My name is Gretina Aaron and I have been a volunteer with Operation Hope’s Banking On Our Future program in Philadelphia for 4 years now. I absolutely love what Operation Hope stands for and the purpose driven message that demonstrate the valuable asset in our children lives. 

Operation Hope has literality change my life and perspective on being a “volunteer”.  It is my livelihood, passion, and responsibility to make sure that each child, parent, student, school, organization and community are well aware of the momentum that Operation Hope brings to lives of others.

I’m glad to be apart of Operation Hope because it allows me to speak into young lives of others, utilizing the finical tools that have been provided and my personal experience that empower others to say “It is Possible”. I look forward in connecting with more of our youth and young adults not just in my local region but some day globally as well. 

Operation Hope, you rock!

Gretina Aaron is a Temple Univ college student and Citibank employee

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