A Passion for Teaching: Philadelphia HOPE Corps Volunteer Shares Experiences with Banking on Our Future

My name is Carol V. Wertz and I am writing this testimony because I enjoy working with Operation Hope’s Banking on Your Future program. I have been a volunteer since 2008 and I have loved teaching all the kids that have come through the program over the years.

I have taught kids from ages 8 to 18. However, the ages I really enjoy teaching to are the middle ages of 10 to 15. They are very inquisitive and they love to participate. The schools I have gone to teach at are in different areas of the city of Philadelphia and I have never had a problem at the schools.

The main reason I enjoy teaching the children is because I have worked in the banking and financial industry for many years. I noticed that adults have a hard time keeping there finances straight at times. I believe that if you train children at an early age to understand the importance of money, saving, loans, credit cards and general banking. They will fair better then their parents in this that area. The Bible says, Train up in the way they should live and they will never part. How true is that.

This program has helped a great deal of children and I have noticed that when I returned to some of the same schools. I hope that the program continues to flourish. I look forward to a new school year teaching the children.

Carol V. Wertz

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