Stories of HOPE: Lucas Turner-Owens Studies and Works to Achieve Social Justice through Economic Justice


During my undergraduate college career I have engaged in the discourse surrounding African-American studies and Sociology. I chose this field of study because I deeply value the untold stories of this country’s history. The stories of financial and political disenfranchisement, the stories of political resistance to this injustice, and the history that makes it apparent that real barriers have prevented some groups of the American population from achievement. I study this because I want to ensure that the same mistakes and indignities are not again placed upon minorities and those without asset-wealth or political representation.

I have been assigned to the government relations and public policy portfolio at Operation Hope to assist in the creation of policy and partnerships that will seek to enfranchise low-income and low-wealth communities and remove these barriers to access. It’s an honor to be able to assist Chairman John Hope Bryant and the Subcommittee on the Underserved in my capacity as a HOPE Fellow because I can align my ideals with my work. The Subcommittee is one of four in the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability based out of Washington D.C. As a fellow, I will be providing research on financial literacy, underbanked and unbanked communities, and analyzing what works and what doesn’t in an effort to help people achieve financial dignity.

I’m proud to be a part of this Silver Rights Movement.

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