President Obama Proclaims April as Financial Capability Month

Across our country, millions of Americans work hard and play by the rules to protect the gains they have made and secure a brighter future for their loved ones. The resilience and ingenuity of our people are driving our economic recovery, and as we lay the foundation for an America built to last, we must also promote a financial system that is fair and sound for all. During National Financial Capability Month, we recommit to ensuring everyone has access to the information and tools that empower them to operate safely and smartly in the marketplace.

A strong and stable economy requires responsibility from top to bottom — from banks and borrowers to workers and executives. To protect everyday Americans from abuses in the financial industry, I appointed Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). His responsibility — and that of the CFPB — is to ensure all Americans have the resources they need to make sound financial decisions, and to guarantee every individual receives fair treatment when they apply for a mortgage, take out a student loan, or use a credit card.

Read the entire proclamation on the White House website here.

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