Presenting the New Operation HOPE Ambassador to Howard University


It all started on Howard University’s C.E.O. Day, featuring John Hope Bryant.

Jasmine McElroy, a sophomore Marketing major, Honors student, and Management Team Leader, was given the task of reading through Mr. Bryant’s large biography packet and finding key information to introduce him with.

During the private session with a few select students, Mr. Bryant and his right hand representative, Mr. Omari Pearson, were able to make an immediate connection with Jasmine. She was willing to step outside her comfort zone in order to reach them and the three followed up on a continuous basis in order to build professional relationships. It was clear that Jasmine was a genuine person with a hunger for knowledge and a desire to soak up all that Operation HOPE had to give, so after her continued support and getting to know her, she was selected as the next Operation HOPE Ambassador to Howard University. So, who is Jasmine McElroy?

Jasmine Marie McElroy was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She has been an honors student her entire life and has always excelled in her honors courses. She never settled for just doing well in school, but was also very involved in clubs and community service activities. One of her favorite pastimes in high school was teaching English as a Second Language to Hispanics in her community. She graduated from high school with a 3.97 GPA and then made her way to Howard University.

Since enrolling at Howard, Jasmine has maintained good grades while participating in various leadership and other on-campus activities, including leading a group of 14 freshman as a Management Team Leader, being inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, leading honors business students through a case study in the School of Business Executive Leadership Honors Program, joining the American Marketing Association, etc.

Not only has Jasmine partaken in various activities already in place on campus, but she has also made pathways of her own. After pitching the idea to the C.E.O. of the National Diversity Council, Jasmine used her deep passion for diversity to co-found DiversityFIRST Network, an organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of diversity and professional networking skills on college campuses.

Jasmine plans to use her passion, skills, and network, along with imparted wisdom from Mr. John Hope Bryant, Mr. Omari Pearson, and past ambassadors, to make her Operation HOPE Ambassadorship the best it can possibly be.

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