Bay Area HOPE Center Attends CompassPoint Executive Leadership Program

Last week my colleague Tyrone and I attended the CompassPoint Executive Leadership Program sponsored by Citi Bank.The three-day seminar was attended by 16 Executive Directors, CEO’s, and Presidents, all from a variety of California nonprofits that participated in program.

Tyrone and I learned from the experts what true leadership means and looks like, how to effectively manage people, how to effectively develop a fund development strategy as well as what roles and responsibilities governance should have in a nonprofit.

An entire day was dedicated to Sustainability: Linking Strategy and Finance where we had the opportunity to explore and distinguish between strategy formation and organizational development. We also assessed and now understand key aspects of nonprofit financial strength and weaknesses.

On the third and final day we each developed an action plan and were broken into Cohorts. These cohorts will meet next week in person and then over the next six months together to discuss our action plans and this group will also hold us responsible for moving our action plan forward. It was an incredible three days of learning and I am excited to see how the action plans  roll out over the next six months.

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