HOPE Corps Volunteer Overcoming the Odds and Giving Back in Return

When Cameron Vondrachek was a young boy he struggled with a severe stutter. With the help of hard work, a loving mom and a special device, he overcame much of the stutter, but still has trouble with articulation.  But this does not hold Cameron back one bit.

Now a senior in high school Cameron recently visited his 5th grade teacher and her current class to teach the Banking on Our Future program.  The teacher and the students loved it.  Cameron did an amazing job.

He mixed the important lessons with fun activities and games.  The class was hooked.  Cameron’s proud mom, Diane Vondracheck from Bank of America, is also a volunteer presenter in Oregon.  She said that this opportunity helped Cameron “gain so much confidence and he had a good time teaching the kids.  Thank you for giving him the opportunity to do this for his senior project.”

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